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    Build a box fort !

       January 1st, 2018             Imaginative Play

    If you are like me and are wondering where to put all of those huge Christmas boxes gathering in the garage, here’s a fun idea, get out in this beautiful weather with the kiddos and build a box fort! Gather all of your extra cardboard boxes, some scissors, heavy tape and big imaginations and help […]

    Eat your Broccoli!

       November 6th, 2017             Uncategorized Wellness

    Time out glitter bottle !

       November 2nd, 2017             Imaginative Play

    What is time out to you? I have always had a hard time with time out. I’ve done the whole naughty chair area and it doesn’t always feel productive. It’s very rare that time out is created to fix the problem or calm the child that’s being “naughty”. ┬áMany times (not always), I annoy my […]

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