The Little Red Barn Indoor Playground was created by our little family of 4, with everything that we wanted in a playspace in mind. We are a Menifee family and this all started with a conversation in the car with our son! He told us that he thought the thing our community needed was an indoor playground, and that we should be the ones to open one! We thought it was a brilliant idea. We took the idea and incorporated everything that we thought would create the perfect playground for relaxing, imaginative play. Wooden toys, instrumental music, essential oils diffusing, non-toxic cleaners, an open, clean space with custom locally built furnishings, different toys that can’t be found just anywhere. We worked every extra minute we could squeeze in inbetween homeschooling, kung fu classes, bath time and our regular jobs, and we ensured each and every toy purchased or custom made was exactly right. The fact that it all actually came together and people are loving it is maybe the coolest thing that’s ever happened to us as a family! Thank you to all of those that have become our “regulars”, you have been so amazing. We look forward to meeting those that have been thinking about visiting The Little Red Barn very soon!