Why Play Farm?

Imaginative play is beneficial to your child’s growth and development. The benefits are endless and include cognitive benefits such as developing language skills and critical thinking skills, helps to build self esteem and problem solving skills, helps to socialize children and enable them to learn better understanding of others feelings through pretend play.

The Little Red Barn Indoor Playground has chosen a farm theme because we are able to have so many real life play situations to make your child’s play experience even better! Feed the barnyard animals, grow a garden, watch a duck waddle across the farm, make your parent’s a yummy lunch in the barn house, go shopping at the farmers market, play trains and tractors or make your friend their favorite ice cream all in one day at The Little Red Barn!

Benefits Of Playing Farm

Regular play is not only fun, it’s necessary! Help build cognitive skills & learn problem solving through Imaginative play.
Studies show that regular pretend play will help build vocabulary and language skills.
Through imaginative play, a toddler will learn to better notice and understand other people’s feelings, as well as to regulate their own.

At the Little Red Barn, we want your child to have a fun appreciation of fruits & veggies! Whether at our farmer’s market or our pretend garden bed or cooking up a yummy meal, they are sure to have a lot of fun playing and learning.  Learning about gardening and healthy foods at a young age will ensure healthy eating as an adult.

Build large muscle development, fine motor skills and better coordination through regular imaginative play!