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    Kale is for kids too!

       December 28th, 2017             Wellness

    The little red barn’s veggie of the month is Kale! With all of the health benefits and great pinterest recipes out there, It’s not surprising that kale is such a hot topic right now, and if you get really creative, you can fit this leafy green goodness into your child’s menu too! Packed full of […]

    Eat your Broccoli!

       November 6th, 2017             Uncategorized Wellness

    Sleepy time!

       October 29th, 2017             Wellness

    Sleeping Challenges One of the biggest challenges a parent may have is getting their children to sleep, and staying asleep! Because this is such an issue, I have been looking into how to ensure that our little ones get to sleep before it’s too late, and they have trouble waking in the morning or cut […]