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    Fun Halloween treats made healthy!

       October 30th, 2017             Imaginative Play

    Halloween is all about SUGAR! But does it have to be that way? Kids care about FUN above all things, so let’s try to focus on the fun while keeping our kids healthy! We’ve collected some of the cutest, spookiest, silliest halloween snacks we could find that will make your kids super excited because they’re […]

    Sleepy time!

       October 29th, 2017             Wellness

    Sleeping Challenges One of the biggest challenges a parent may have is getting their children to sleep, and staying asleep! Because this is such an issue, I have been looking into how to ensure that our little ones get to sleep before it’s too late, and they have trouble waking in the morning or cut […]

    Craft time isn’t just fun…

       October 28th, 2017             Imaginative Play

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