Craft time isn’t just fun…

   October 28th, 2017             Imaginative Play

Craft time for toddlers isn’t just for fun, the benefits are wonderful and endless !

For toddlers, craft time helps to form bilateral coordination, using 2 hands to do something. This will help with tying shoes, typing, playing piano and writing!

Fine motor skills are being formed during craft time as well..this is very important for your little ones development and without proper fine motor skills basic things such as gripping a crayon, buttoning jeans or cutting paper will be a great challenge.

Self esteem will improve ! Think of the last time you created a masterpiece and got loads of great did you feel?! Now imagine the look of pride on your child’s face when you tell them how amazing their craft is? That’s building self esteem right there!

Bonding time! When you craft with your favorite little you are creating lasting memories and bonding even more deeply, so get on Pinterest and search for the best toddler crafts, or visit the little red barn every Friday for craft time at 10:30am!