Why play with us?

   October 22nd, 2017             Imaginative Play

How are we different from other indoor playgrounds?

The majority of indoor playgrounds are filled with plastic, loud, electronic toys or brightly colored plastic climbing structures and filled with loud distracting music, serving snacks and drinks that are loaded with sugar. While fun, children get easily overwhelmed and over stimulated. By the end of their play experience they may be heard crying and screaming in frustration. Parents leave just as stressed out, finally making it to the car after buckling in a squirming toddler and taking a deep breath as they head home to recover. Why do this to you and your child? While these types of playgrounds serve their purpose of entertaining, they are missing several very important ingredients to having a positive and enjoyable play experience. Children do not need loud, interactive toys to have fun. They do not need loud music to sing along to and jumble up their oh so amazing imaginations. They do not need guided play, plastic structures to get lost in or sugary snacks to be happy.

At the little red barn playground we strive to supply you and your child(ren) with a healthy and productive environment. We want you both to feel relaxed and fulfilled at all times-during your stay and after you leave. We  offer simple  toys, primarily made from wood, that do not have any loud music or bright lights, or dictate your childs playtime. This frees up their minds to be as creative as they want to be, and our light instrumental music will not overwhelm their senses so that they can think clearly. Another great perk of bringing your children to a wooden indoor playground is that wood does not absorb germs like plastic. This is a huge reason we have gone this route because your child’s wellness is one of our top priorities. We aim to keep our playground clean and free of harmful chemicals and yucky germs!

We allow you to bring in your own food and drinks so that you are not forced to only feed your children processed or fried foods that will only agitate their system. If you do not want to bring snacks  in, we will have a few healthy, organic snacks available for purchase as well. We also use non toxic cleaners that are safe for everyone in addition to our calming diffuser diffusing essential oils meant to help children regulate their moods and play happily!  We hope to give you and your child a place to relax and enjoy a few hours of quality time together, and leave just as happy as you were when you walked in setting the tone for an amazing day!